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Plaid Mini Skirt

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

After denim, plaid remains in our closet foremost. In this pandemic, the Fashion trend 2020 is changing dramatically to green pressure. Also, fast- fashion companies are broken. At this moment, what we can do to preserve our planet is to wear a piece of clothing for more than a year. Or to give someone who is in need.

What I love about sketching an outfit is how I can style a single piece of clothing uniquely. I have already done a plaid skirt outfit two times, and this the third one. Here is the link -

For outfit detail, Starting with the graphic tee paired with a plaid skirt and I added a denim jacket. For footwear, I recently bought this white-beige colored heels, which has a cute little bow at the end, which was also one of the reasons I chose to buy it.

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