• Jenisha Patel

The One With the Plaid Skirt Look

Aside from denim, plain tee and black heels, next thing in staple should be a plaid skirt. It's easy to wear plaid skirt in any given occasions such as — Office look, Cheeky school girl, Grunge look, Fall outfit, and last but not the least Cher Horonitz matching set plaid blazer and skirt look.

Skirts have worn since prehistoric times, only difference now is mainly women wear them but as someone quoted this recently

“Fashion is wearing anything you like, regardless of gender.” — Jeon Jungkook.

As we know plaid skirt outfit has many variations, but only look I came across when I think of plaid skirt is pretty laid plaid skirt with knee socks — Basic 60s look. Apart from collecting denim jackets, next thing I want to stock up is plaid skirts. For outfit detail, I wore 3/4th puff sleeve top with a plaid skirt and I styled it with black boots and black sling bag. The outfit possibilities are endless -and I came up with this weekend hangout look. Of course now it's inappropriate to hang out due to COVID-19, but until then STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY.

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