• Jenisha Patel

Ultimate Guide to Soft Girl Aesthetic Outfits

If you have been following fashion trends through social media, you must have come across the term ''Soft Girl Aesthetic". If not, this post will directly take you to the Soft Girl Aesthetic world. So soft girl means outfits that are more of dreamy, pastel, fluffy, and cute coordination. What combo you decide to wear is a personal choice. Here is my customized look.

On a quick note, a trend is not always about following blindly but also blending your style. So for this aesthetic look, I chose Pastel green button-down ribbed Cardigan top paired with Light wash Mom jeans and a denim jacket for this chilly weather. For accessories, I wore a chunky silver chain and a brown handbag. As this outfit was more on a casual side, I added white sneakers.

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