• Jenisha Patel

The Timeless Oversized T-shirt Look

When it comes to finding the one look, a lot of thought must go into the decision. When I laid my eyes on this oversized t-shirt, the same thought crossed my mind. Is there any new way I can wear an oversized t-shirt and not feel too basic about it?

Most people who don't share much knowledge on trends and style must think of it as an unconventional look. And let me tell you that is the whole point. Last year Oversized t-shirt was paired with Biker shorts, trending from the late 90's Princess Diana to Gigi Hadid.

After the Pandemic, comfort becomes the priority. That's what inspired me to create this look. I wore a light blue oversized t-shirt stolen from my brother's closet. For the Bottom, a button-down denim skirt, which I unbuttoned halfway to give a little peek of an oversized t-shirt. For footwear, I chose to go for beige block heels. I am not sure if anyone noticed this look gives a 90s vibe. So I added a flip phone & a shoulder bag to complete the look.

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