• Jenisha Patel

The One with the Black Boots 

It's almost end of the year and yet there are plenty of dresses I didn't get a chance to wear, plent of trends that I forgot to follow but I think I changed a lot this year and so the fashion. I guess Fashion is not about wearing expensive clothes or wearing less clothes it's about how you style and reform that piece of clothing to express one self.

Here I'm wearing green one shoulder top, that I bought like maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I know right? Long time. But the things is, as a fashion explorer I got this information recently that with the increasing waste on this planet clothing also take a little part in it. In simple words don't throw away your clothes after wearing 1 or 2 times. At least make that clothing last upto 9 months, & trust me you can save so much from a single pair of clothing. Or else you can donate the clothes. So for the rest of the outfit, I'm wearing black denim. And I decided to pair this outfit with gold jewelry i.e. gold earrings and gold rings. To complete this look, I'm wearing black boots with matching black sling bag.

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