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Style With Me -This Summer

No matter what may be going on in this world — we can still find little happiness from doing what we love, as we have plenty of time on our hand. Isn't it weird how we were complaining before about not getting enough time & now that we have time we are jumbled. However, it's on us how we want to spend our time. For me doing something simple or creative is like a happy place for me.

Lately I'm smitten by combing colors. But still I'm amateur. So I started with simpler one. I don't why but this outfit reminds me of MONEY HEIST. Have you guys seen it yet? If you're looking for something new this quarantine you should definitely watch it. So for outfit detail, Oh this summer, I cannot stop myself from cropping the t shirts. I re-created this top with folding neckline to V-Shape and cropping it. But this time I kept it little long. For bottom, I wore maroon palazzo. Remember those days, when were so into narrow pants, and now its like if we wore it again, we are going to suffocate ourselves. For this look all the attention is on white choker. I recall the time when I bought it, I had no idea how aesthetic it would look. And back to basic we cannot leave out white sneakers to complete this look.

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