• Jenisha Patel

Street Style Reform : Statement Earrings 

Have you ever thought of becoming something, that you are not? I mean I'm still in my 20s and figuring out about life, and this reminds me of one quote that I recently read, "To get better we were willing to get worse." & it's true, because I don't know about others, but I think life is an endless chaos - Here I'm trying to become happy, to become a hardworking person, or to have a goal in life while others are already settled down, got a perfect life partner or when they woke up this morning they knew what they are going to wear, I mean that's a tough call & for me to look different in every outfit despite repeating certain items - that's my struggle but I'm making those little things easier for you.

In my previous blogs, I talked about having a capsule wardrobe & I tried to fill my closet with it, but still I'm little unsatisfied because I think it's the little thing that make big difference. So, for today's blog, let me spell out about the little thing I added to my outfit i.e. Blue Statement Earrings. I had my eyes on statement earrings for a way too long but never really bought it, but this time I bought it without hesitating & I'm telling you guy I'm not regretting it. Statement earrings are long fancy earrings that gives you a little texture to your simple outfit. And if you are hair down person like me, wearing a statement earrings with a pony tail gives you a little different look. So opt for statement earrings. And let me know if you like it. So for outfit details, I'm wearing a black denim jacket with a black camisole underneath & for bottom I chose this light wash denim & for footwear I wore this casual black heels which are my perfect sole mate for this look.

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