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Short Sleeve Shirt

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Investing in fashion can be a total game-changing thing in 2020. Whether to invest in any trends or to buy something in your budget, We all have few staples in our closet that we love more than anything, but we wear it less than five times. When I got a chance to buy something at a good price, I was unclear about my choices for a week. So I tried two things - First, to purchase something that I wanted for a long time and second to invest in something trendy.

I enjoy wearing baggy clothes. A button-down shirt was my first choice because I know I am going to wear it for a long time, the second thing that I purchase is this adorable, blue and white shoulder bag. Short sleeve shirt and a shoulder bag, was contemporary in the 90s. Following the 90s trends reminds me of one of the chapters that I learned about in fashion designing, was about creativity, It doesn't define as something original but merely a bringing together of an earlier existing concept in a new way. Sometimes we find our selves drawn back to previously basic things, cause we gain some kind of comfort in it. It's like watching your favorite movie again and again. So the thing about investing in clothes is to buy something you enjoy wearing it and try to purchase it, in different style next time. Do you like wearing a skirt? Try different fabrics next time. To sum up the outfit, Starting from the top - I'm wearing green polka dots, short sleeve shirt. For the bottom, light colors denim. For accessories, a golden small pendant necklace, and a navy blue scrunchie. For footwear, I wore white sneakers. Lastly, can't forget the shoulder bag, with a white strap and a blue body.

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