Self-made Slip-Dress

Every girl should have at least one slip dress in her closet. A slip dress is a staple piece that you can wear in any season, Whether you buy it or make it yourself. So, I am happy and proud to share that I made this dress. This year my goal was to create something on my own. So I postponed everything, even blogging.

If someone told me to overtake every ongoing trend, it would be impossible. So, it's better to invest in staple pieces. Of course, just like a basic t-shirt, a slip dress is perfectly suitable for every possible occasion. Want to visit a Library? Put on a white t-shirt underneath, going on a date? Add up statement earrings. There's an endless way to style it but, you got the point.

So here is my way to style this outfit. I'm wearing A Chiffon Midi Slip dress. Can you imagine a slip dress without a little high slit? As I made it myself, I did a little high than usual. And for accessories, I wore a gold pendant necklace with golden hoop earrings. I also added a black sling bag. For Footwear, I put on my new favorite Adidas High Court White sneakers.

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