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Quarantine Summer Look

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

If you're looking to give your quarantine summer look some edge, then you cannot miss tie & dye trend. As you know summer is all about colors, and of course we cannot enjoy summer picnic outside during this isolation but, we can still wear our summer clothes and enjoy a bucket full of an ice-cream in our living room. For now, Ditch your basic plain tee and try out tie & dye.

One of things I love about fashion is you can always recreate something with it. Just like my tie & dye crop tee. Well for your note, I didn't dye it myself, I have tried tie & dye before but on different top. What I did with this one is, I cut it out & made it crop. So for outfit detail I tried to create shades of blue, For top I wore dark blue cropped tie & dye top. For bottom, I wore light wash denim, For footwear, well you cannot miss out casual white sneakers in summer, and to complete this look I wore bleached aqua color necklace. And last but not least, Let's be honest, we all need small string bag to dump our essentials, which can go with any outfit.

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