• Jenisha Patel

Pretty In Pastel

This year's color trend Lilac and lavender, has inspired me to get this look. In this year's shopping Wishlist, lavender clothing piece was on my list and, I wasn't sure what to pick until I found this lavender Corduroy Jacket. It's perfect for this season. Talking about corduroy, you can also opt for an oversized corduroy Jacket.


Corduroy Shirt: https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750720602 | https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750720633 |

Heels: https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750720741 | https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750720798 | https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750720822

Cotton Trouser: https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750721276 | https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750721299 |


Necklace: https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750721446 | https://ekaro.in/enkr2020112750721490

Lavender is the best 2020 color you can add to your wardrobe. And if you have an eye for style, you'll notice I buttoned my shirt unevenly. To make space for showing off my necklace and give this look a little twist on my own. Sometimes when I create an outfit, I often look for something unparalleled but also one which everyone can grasp.

So following an outfit detail, I added a light olive green cotton trouser to create a pastel look. But not too pastel so that it looks dull, so I added a black clutch. I had these cute ivory heels, finishing off the look with a thick chain necklace and a wallet chain.

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