• Jenisha Patel

Not A Summer Outfit

Updated: May 16

Before this pandemic, everyone was rushing to get home by the weekends, not to party hard, but just wanted to stay home in their PJ'S and watch Netflix all day. Contrarily now, it's no fun to wear those same old pajamas all day, until and unless you are working from home.

It's literally misery to wear PJ'S all day, I'm aware of that, that they are comforting but at the same time you feel bored in it. Isn't it? Plus it's a saying — The clothes we wear affects our mood. So why not dress up differently for a change? #GETREADYWITHME this weekend and seek out your favorite dress from your wardrobe and get dressed up. I decided to dress up differently, well not a summer outfit for a start. So for the outfit detail, I wore a turtleneck crop top, honestly I'm an adherent of turtleneck tops, take my advice, buy yourself at least one turtleneck top. You will not regret it. For bottom, I wore black pant with a light gray wash stripes, and for outer layer I wore a light wash denim jacket. For accessories, I wore golden medium size hoop earrings and casual black heels.


That's all. Till then Stay Healthy Safe.

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