• Jenisha Patel

A Casual Midi-dress 

It's never too late to buy a casual midi-dress. Midi-dress basically means any dress that has a hem which hits at mid calf — half-way between the knee & the ankle. It can be befitted for many events or occasions, such as a dinner date, an office attire, cute picnic dress or for a movie date with your BFF.

Fashion is not always about wearing clothes which don't let us breathe. Sometimes comfort, plain and simple is all you need. & Why Midi-dress you ask? It's because, it has just perfect length that I adore the most. Not too short Nor too long.

For outfit detail, I wore an olive green Midi-dress with a Bandana (Self Appreciation alert: I made it myself♡♡) and when it comes to footwear I chose black heels over flats, to make myself look, not too short. Lastly, a black bag is always in for any outfit.

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