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Denim Jacket

July 26, 2019

Denim jacket - one of the must-have clothing item in your wardrobe. Just like a pair of jeans, a denim jacket is like an essential to everyday clothing. I recently started to get obsessed over a denim jacket, not just the plain one, but also crop, painted, frayed hem, studded, ombre and many more. I'm planning to collect as many as I can.








As a fashion blogger, every moment I come across some new trend or style, a slideshow began in my heads, like how should I wear this to look unique or to make it more like my style. Just like this denim jacket, I try to modify this look by adding a blue slip-on to matches with my denim jacket. It's like a quick tip you can use in the future if you got caught in what to wear or not. Rather than wearing basic shoes or heels for an outfit go for one that matches with one of your outfit items.

I'm wearing a black shirt under a denim jacket. For the bottom, I wore black legging. For accessories - Black bag and white stud earring. For footwear - blue slip-on. I keep this outfit as simple as possible so that I can wear this regularly.


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