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How to Style Casual Look in Last Minute?

March 3, 2019




What is that one outfit which is easily found in your closet?
A casual one, the one in which we feel comfortable and our go-to outfit. However, If we don't get enough time to dress, we end up looking too boring for any occasion. So, today I'm sharing my go-to outfit, what you can add to your outfit & and what to avoid.

First, know your outfit color tone, dress accordingly. Today I'm wearing a neutral tone, The neutral tone can be cool or warm. It depends on which shade you chose to go for.  Now okay take this outfit, for example, if instead of a choker, if I wore some bright color necklace, how would that look? All attention would go my necklace only, it will be difficult to look at my outfit, cause it will look too dull for that necklace.






Secondly, know your occasion, Casual wear differs according to place, people, culture or religion etc. If you heading to a date you can give your outfit little romantic vibes by adding - Warm color tones like Red, Orange, Yellow,  or Pink. Or If you're heading for a beach, wear a cool color tone or pastel shade.

Third, accessories. I read somewhere this tip about dressing, A French advice, "Before you leave your house, always remove one accessory from your outfit." This way you know, you aren't overdressed. Always keep your outfit as simple as possible. Overdressing will result in distraction, it will be difficult to follow where to look at.

As I hope you read on my about page, the main purpose of my blog apart from sharing new trends & style is also sharing how to dress ordinary clothes too.  So I added choker and slip on shoes. And if you wish to look a little fancier add a small stud or a watch.

So in conclusion,  Set a tone, wear something comfortable, Don't forget french advice, and what's your last minute outfit idea?


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