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Will Oversized Shirts Ever Rule The World?

May 2, 2017

I consider myself lucky as a woman because I think a woman can wear men's clothes, but unfortunately, a man can't. Honestly, I feel more comfortable in men's clothes they're big and comfortable, on the plus side it's a fashion trend to wear oversized clothes. I don't know if you have seen Rihanna's oversized shirt look. It was all over the internet. Since then I have not been able to get it out of my mind. She was wearing an oversized shirt with a denim skirt I loved that look. So for today, I'm going to show you my perfect outfit for oversized Shirt.

So in today's post, I m wearing my latest find and current obsession olive green oversized shirt with black jeans. I have been on the hunt for this bralette for a long time and have had no idea when I'm going to wear it. So today finally I got a chance. As far as accessories go, I'm wearing crocheted choker that was designed by my friend and black earring that is reversible it works both ways. Isn't it's great? And for the footwear, I chose to go for nude/beige wedges.














If you like the choker, you can contact my friend I'll send you the link. Just let me know. :) So what's your idea of oversized clothes?


 Do you know : After World War I, the fashion world experienced a great switch, from tight corsets and hobble skirts- to shapeless, oversized, and sparsely decorated garments. Women began to wear more comfortable fashions, including blousy skirts and trousers. The "boyish figure", moreover, became a prevalent trend of the era, with shapeless silhouettes and dropped waistlines giving a more masculine look to the female figure.


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