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The Unconventional Guide to Denim.

April 22, 2017


Does everyone go through this phase in life or is it just me who is confused about what to wear everyday? I mean honestly, it's complicated and it's not just about the occasion but the clothes you have,the extra hair on your body which you forgot to take off, or whether to show off your legs or not? I think it's about everything.So how to create a stylish outfit with all these kinds of limitations? So I am here to show you, how easily you can create a perfect outfit from your own wardrobe.

Imagine your life without denim, Isn't it weird that we cannot separate denim from our life? It is the most preferable causal outfit that we consider. We wear them anywhere and everywhere. So I decided why not I start my 1st blog with a denim shirt.


So the look featuring light washed denim shirt with black jeans, and  to make it more like a classy outfit I chose a  statement necklace with it. Do you guys know about boho chics ( the hippy style)? It define as a combination of organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspires pieces with simple modern pieces. Statement necklace always remind me of boho chics, and in addition to that I added a pair of Black heels and they worked just as well.






Fun facts : Do you know in earlier times jeans were only worn by a category of hard workers in mines,farms, railroad & other such places because of it's rugged nature and it's capacity to bear dust made  it more suitable & comfortable for these kinds of professions unlike now , where we wear it everyday.


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